Miracle Swimming School for Adults Reveals Flaw in Traditional Swim Instruction

Miracle Swimming School for Adults Reveals Flaw in Traditional Swim Instruction SARASOTA, Fla., Jan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire   “I feel like a fraud. I’m a swimming instructor and I’m terrified in deep water,” admits Jessica E., owner of her own swim school in Texas.   No one knows how many swimming instructors can’t swim. The percentage […]

Miracle Swimming School for Adults Nixes Treading Water for Adult Non-swimmers

effortlessly treading water

Turning the Ship of Aquatics Comfortable enough to tread SARASOTA, Fla., Jan. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ “If you’re afraid in water, you just need to learn to tread water.” So says an untold number of swimming instructors regularly. The public believes it. In actuality, it’s virtually impossible for adult non-swimmers to tread water. Treading water is […]

How Long Does It Take to Learn to Swim If You’re Afraid?

Turning the Ship of Aquatics The quick answer is it takes 2-3 weeks to learn to swim if you’re afraid. But let’s make sure you know what you’re asking. When you say, “Learn to Swim,” do you mean “learn strokes” or do you mean “become comfortable and safe in deep water”? If you wish to […]

Learning to Swim Is Not Learning Strokes

Turning the Ship of Aquatics This was her first jump into the ocean from a boat. Her joy and presence of mind show you she  can swim.  She was not yet ready to learn strokes.   Published on LinkedIn • October 12, 2020 To be safe in water, we must be calm in water over […]

Turning the Century-Old System Upside Down

Turning the Ship of Aquatics There are several major topics that must be addressed to right the ship of Aquatics so that swimming is taught in a sustainable way that works for all. #1. Floating is not “supposed to be” horizontal. It might be horizontal and it might not. If you’re not standing up and […]

Turning the Ship of Aquatics

Turning the Ship of Aquatics The Ship Must Be Turned. Aquatics encompasses all water-related sports and activities, ranging from aqua-exercise to swimming lessons, post-op water therapy to the Olympic Team. It’s family pool relays at the July 4th community picnic. It’s what happens after you jump off a boat. It’s SCUBA diving. Why does the […]

Parents First!

Turning the Ship of Aquatics Parents are kids’ first teachers A parent gives messages about the water and swimming to his/her children during pregnancy, baths, suppertime conversations, neighborhood swimming parties, swimming lessons, in the car, family picnics, school functions, and whenever the topic arises. Can the messages be positive, correct, informed, and supportive if parents […]

Guaranteed Path to Your Learn-to-Swim Goals

Turning the Ship of Aquatics At Miracle Swimming, our students told us one of their lifelong mysteries had been, “How will I ever reach my swimming goals? How will I learn to swim?”        They Found Us. The Recipe Was Unveiled.         In our Beginning or Ultra Beginning course, (now called Essentials 1 and […]

As One Door Closes, Another Door Opens!

Turning the Ship of Aquatics Miracle Swimming for Adults, Inc., a non-profit organization in Sarasota, FL from 2010 to 2019, closed on 12/31/19. Its founder, Melon (Mary Ellen) Dash, opened Miracle Swimming School for Adults, LLC January 1, 2020. The nonprofit was strictly required by law to give no forwarding information since the school replacing […]