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New Book: Conquer Your Fear of Water

Many Americans—about half—

experience significant levels of anxiety when met with deep water. While water is indeed a powerful force of nature and merits our respect, it shouldn’t terrify us. Almost anybody can learn to swim if taught correctly—with the full complement of steps in sequence.

Miracle Swimming School for Adults’ mission is to help adults heal their fear of deep water. When it happens, they exclaim, “I can swim!” We have revised our first book with juicy additions which further show you how to be the swimmer you were born to be, once and for all. It’s simpler than you think!

Conquer Your Fear of Water: A Revolutionary Way to Learn to Swim Without Ever Feeling Afraid by Melon Dash

New Book: Conquer Your Fear of Water – A Revolutionary Way to Learn How to Swim Without Ever Feeling Afraid

These are the steps of overcoming fear: humane, informed, relevant. A novel approach to learning, it makes the impossible possible. Author Melon Dash accomplishes this through her state-of-the-art teaching system and many photos. You’ll finish this with so much more information and confidence for how to start swimming without that “sinking feeling” or feeling forced into the proverbial deep end.

A few facts about the book:

  • Launch date: April 15th, 2022 (Pre-Order Now)
  • Available in paperback (17.99) or ebook ($11.99) in color
  • 324 pages with 218 photos and drawings
  • Every step from terror to confidence and freedom
  • The secret sauce of overcoming any fear
  • Buy the current edition now and get a free PDF of the second edition April 15
  • Includes a show-stopping explanation of why adult non-swimmers may not blame themselves for their fear or for not learning to swim!
  • Explains what happened to swimming lessons in the ‘80s and ‘90s
  • Shows how prevention of drowning is easier than you thought
  • Second edition includes new, nearly patented learn-to-float-invention.

This book is a combination of two book-worthy topics: 1) Healing Fear, and 2) Learning to Swim starting from where you are today. It is the perfect gift for yourself, your community library, your swim instructor, and any friend or family member who’s always had a nagging fear of water, shallow or deep.

It’s an easy read that compliments our other materials, including the book, “Conquer Your Fear of the Triathlon Swim.” We also have great resources for audio/visual learners, such as our podcast, The Learn to Swim Show, our instructional video, The Miracle Swimmer, and our YouTube channel. Conquer fear and swim with whatever learning method you prefer, including courses. Strokes are not part of overcoming fear and are absent until our advanced courses.

Miracle Swimming School for Adults will change your entire outlook on swimming confidently for the rest of your life. Pre-order your copy of our new edition of Conquer Your Fear of Water today! To be shipped April 15 or 16, 2022, USPS Media Mail or Priority flat rate.