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Taking The First Step To Swimming

Overcome these three fears, and wonderful freedom of swimming can be yours:

Registering for a course that is a combination of classroom & pool time.

Allocating resources such as time & money to personal development when we are living in unprecedented times whereas events are volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous.

Exploring the Miracle Swimming process to achieve your wildest goals & dreams of swimming.

It’s time to change the mindset of swimming from impossible to I’m possible!

Is Miracle Swimming Worthwhile?

  • “I wish I’d found this twenty years ago.”
    -Countless students
  • “What isn’t all swimming taught this way?”
    -Countless students
  • “This makes so much sense.”
    -Countless students

How much time and money have you spent on past lessons? How much opportunity lost? How many frightening risks taken?

If you could say goodbye to the frustration, discouragement, and self-doubt, what would it be worth?

Invest in yourself.  Invest in your family’s peace of mind. Our system is based on universal laws of learning you don’t see often enough. They cannot fail. Get answers to the questions that stymie you. Miracle Swimming is everything you’ve always wanted to know about learning to swim that no one told you. You can stop managing your fear and heal it.




Compare 5 local traditional swimming lesson outlets to Miracle Swimming.

Instructors: the comparison above is factual based on our research. If you have a correction, please notify us via the Contact box above.


Yes. The class works for everyone who tries it. Just as 2+2 can only equal 4, if you use our method, you cannot get any other result but freedom in the water. This is why we can guarantee our work. It’s a system based on universal learning principles. Yes, the class will work for you if you are there, you ask all your questions, and you try it. As one student put it, “It cannot and does not fail.” —Mary Alice Yund, Chemist, Berkeley, CA
By letting yourself be yourself. By going slowly and not pushing yourself. By going at your own pace and not comparing yourself to others. Ask all your questions. Play. Be a kid. Give yourself time. Suspend deadlines.
Beginners have often taken swimming lessons before where they were taught that learning to swim means “proper movement of arms and legs.” They usually feel that their fear hasn’t been addressed. They know there must be another way to learn and they’re willing to try something new. They’d like to learn in a supportive environment where they’re sure they’ll make progress.
You may wear them under goggles if you wish. Or, you can buy goggles that have your prescription ground into them. Choose a pair of goggles that fit your face and don’t leak, first. THEN have them ground.

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