Everyone can learn to swim Comfort comes first You can float vertically Overcoming fear IS learning to swim Having fun is the best way to learn Feel safe all the time Overcome fear without feeling afraid Go at your own pace Learn with your swimming people It’s amazing what 5 days can do Learn an infallible, fun system Laugh and learn

Conquer Your Fear of Water and Learn to Swim

You can float. You can trust yourself. Yes, you can swim.

Miracle Swimming School for Adults teaches adults to be comfortable in deep water. That's what learning to swim is. Comfort and fun are #1. It works every single time.

  • Have you always been afraid in water and been too embarrassed to say so?
  • Have you wished you could go into water on vacations, but sat on the side instead?
  • Have you taken swimming lessons and still not overcome your fear?

    At Miracle Swimming, we get it.

Learn basic skills a new way. Stay true to yourself.

Take Our “Essentials 1” Course

October 18-22, 2021
Sarasota, FL
Vacation course, 24 hours / 5 days
Covid protections in place.
Class size: 4.

Hover to play video. Instructor and students were socially distanced for the entire 5-day course.