Everyone can learn to swim Comfort comes first You can float vertically Overcoming fear IS learning to swim Having fun is the best way to learn Feel safe all the time Overcome fear without feeling afraid Go at your own pace Learn with your swimming people It’s amazing what 5 days can do Correct information does wonders!


A Breakthrough In Teaching

That Can Change All Teaching

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Learning Strokes Does Not Make Adults Comfortable or Safe in Deep Water

Most adults have taken swimming lessons before.

Today, many still want to learn, but they’re uneasy in deep water. What was missing from their lessons? Comfort.

Students who are comfortable in deep water know something that afraid students don’t. It’s not taught in traditional lessons. We identified it. We teach it. Someday all swim schools will teach it. It’s essential!

A Breakthrough in Teaching
That Can Change All Teaching

The soft and gentle process of becoming comfortable in water is different than what’s taught in most lessons.  Comfort MUST come first. Feel safe all the time. That’s Miracle Swimming.

Did you think you’d have to push yourself to do scary things in order to learn to swim? You don’t. You mustn’t! But it’s entrenched in the traditional system.

It doesn’t have to be frightening to overcome fear. You can be in control, prevent panic, and be comfortable anywhere in the pool all day long, shallow or deep, at the side or in the middle, at the surface or at the bottom, smiling. Once you’re in control, learning strokes is easy. Strokes are not part of our core series of 5 courses.

What else is Miracle Swimming?  It’s a watertight, foolproof method of overcoming fear that’s a breakthrough in teaching we believe will change all teaching. It’s that basic and far-reaching.

Become Self-reliant and Comfortable in Deep Water

In less time than you could have imagined—two or three weeks  for most people, going at your own pace—you are able to comfortably rest peacefully in deep water. That’s what knowing how to swim means: having peace of mind and feeling safe in any part of the pool. Learn to apply it in open water, too. If you can rest in deep water, then it’s inevitable that you will move in deep water.

This is why we’ve been virtually 100% successful for 40 years. (May 1, 2023: our 40th Anniversary) We don’t just teach you basic movements. We teach you every step of the universal learning process that your previous lessons missed. They lead to swimming confidently in deep water.

Ready to overcome fear? Get started today with our Essentials 1 course or Essentials 1 SloMo.  Digest our book. Learn in your back yard pool or take our online course. Get a taste here for free. 

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About Our Founder, Melon Dash

Founder Melon Dash opened our swim school in 1983 when it was one of two schools in the adult swimming lessons industry. She’s been innovating solutions ever since. It’s no miracle that now she leads the industry with her revolutionary teaching system and unparalleled success with adults. Forty years of it!

Our 5 Circles Teaching System

There has to be a way to teach swimming that works for everyone: something so basic that it goes beyond background, personality, beliefs, or level of fear. The 5 Circles Teaching Method is the key to our success. It is an original, elegant system that for 40 years has worked for every single student and every single skill, message, and lesson we’ve taught for 6000 adults students. See for yourself.

The spark in you that hasn't given up on learning to swim.

We have a satisfaction guarantee and the system that does it all. We firmly believe that our revolutionary teaching method will change the way adult swimming lessons are taught everywhere.

Left: A doctor came for our Essentials 1 course. Then she enrolled her sister and next, their mother. After they graduated, they came together from three different states for their first-ever swim date. Miracles really do happen!

"At last, I can stop banging my head against the wall."

Hal summed it up in 5 seconds.

Learning Looks Like This

The 5 Circles: A learning system that cannot fail

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