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Miracle Swimming Pools

Do you have the perfect pool?

Have a Miracle Swimming Pool?

We seek pools in every state and country where trainings can be given for adult students, swim instructors and trainers.

The pool is a key part of learning. For some students, the right pool makes all the difference. If you’re building a pool, design with adult students in mind.

In the header image above, a “fence” was built into the deepest part of the pool to form the deep end “wall.”

A Perfect Pool for Miracle Swimming

Warm: 93 degrees F / 33 C

Shallow: 2 feet / .5M

Deep: 9 feet / 3M

Water quality: chemistry balanced, water clear for under water photos

Two walls in deep water: distance between them ranges from 0 feet to 25 feet / .5M to 8M

Indoors or outdoors

Exclusive use by class

Quiet meeting area near pool

Clean lockerrooms

Reasonable rent

2-hour time slots in pool each day for course, 8 days. 1-hour classroom time first, each day.

Gradual depth change rather than a drop-off; very shallow water may be in an adjacent pool.

Airport access within 45 minutes

Workable Pools

Temperature: 88 degrees F / 32 C

Depth range: 4 feet to 6 feet / 1.2 to 2M

Deep water: two walls in deep water: distance between them ranges from 0 feet to 15 feet / 0M to 5M

Indoors or outdoors

Others in pool: if respectful of learners

Quiet meeting area near pool

Clean lockerrooms

Reasonable rent

Time slots of at least 60 minutes in pool each day. 1-hour classroom time beforehand each day.

Drop-off okay

2-foot pool may not be available; steps into pool are helpful

Airport access: for the right pool, people will drive 3 hours from an airport

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