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International Aquatics Meeting

"Speaking as Aquatics Professionals, when is someone finished with swimming lessons?"

Choose either 25 February or 4 March, 2021
Meeting Via Zoom


TWO DATES                                                                         TWO HALVES OF THE WORLD

25 February, 2021
Americas, Europe, Africa
  • 8 am Los Angeles
  • 11 am Florida
  • 2 pm Brasilia
  • 4 pm GMT (London)
  • 5 pm Berlin
  • 6 pm Capetown
  • 9.30 pm New Delhi
Meeting will be recorded
4 March, 2021
Asia, Australia, Oceania
  • Hong Kong 7 am
  • Kuala Lumpur 7 am
  • Singapore 7 am
  • Sydney 10 am
  • Auckland 12 pm
  • Florida 6 pm (3 March)
  • London 11 pm GMT (3 March)
Meeting will be recorded

Our goal is to leave the meeting with “The Aquatics Profession’s List” of things a student must be able to do to finish with swimming lessons.


Bring Your Voice to an Important Conversation

Dear Aquatics Professional,
Become one of the world’s most informed aquatics professionals. Attend an international online meeting to reach a consensus about how we as a profession are ending drowning with swimming lessons.
“Speaking as Aquatics Professionals, when is someone finished with swimming lessons?
Date and time:
February 25, 2021 or March 4, 2021, depending on your hemisphere.

*  There’s an ongoing drowning epidemic worldwide

*  There will be a tsunami of interest in lessons once people can go swimming again

*  The world has two definitions of “I can swim.” Some people think they can swim when they can’t!

Andie Andrews,* Aquatics Specialist in Wallingford, in the U.K, and Melon Dash,** Founder of Miracle Swimming School for Adults in Florida, USA.
And YOU!
We seek input from every voice. Be there to give it!
Bring your definition of, "I Can Swim"


*Andrea Andrews is a UK swimming instructor, open water coach and independent aquatic researcher specializing in helping people of all ages who are afraid of water. She is author of 27 articles for The Swimming Times and two educational papers for the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education entitled, “How to Help People Float” and a soon-to-be-published joint paper with Dr. Shayne Baker entitled, “The Entry and Exits Conundrum.” She has teaching credentials from ASA, Ass’n for NeuroLinguistic Programming, mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques), STA, Halliwick Foundation, Autism Swim, Miracle Swimming, and is a National Aquaphobia Trainer Assessor.
*Melon Dash is author of Conquer Your Fear of Water, co-author of Conquer Your Fear of the Triathlon Swim, Founder of Miracle Swimming, host of The Learn to Swim Show, producer of The Miracle Swimmer DVD, has trained 65 licensees worldwide in her system to teach afraid adults, and has been featured on American television, print, radio, and as a speaker at national and international learn-to-swim and drowning prevention meetings. Her school for afraid adults in Sarasota, Florida has been in operation for 38 years.

See you there! Thank you.