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Two Strokes Course

Become a Lap Swimmer

Once you’ve learned to swim, you can learn to swim efficiently: strokes. 

Step by step from the most basic drills to the combination of parts, slowly build a breaststroke and a backstroke or butterfly that are easy and sustainable. We alternate the two strokes offered from one course to the next.

Prerequisites: Essentials 1, and 2 and preferably Deep Water Play, a solid understanding of the 5 Circles, knowing the water, and willingness to try (not necessarily master) somersaults and handstands. This course is best suited to people who are comfortable in deep water.

Swimming laps takes the same amount of energy as walking. That is, if you can swim strokes sustainably. It’s about comfort.


30 hours

Ten 3-hour sessions of one hour on land followed by 2 hours in the pool. Discussion, video, and video playback of your swimming daily.

A series of sequential drills mastered one at a time slowly,  leads to comfortable strokes. It’s easy to learn these in a week if you know the water from taking our core courses.



You’ll want to know how to turn around once you get to the end!

Pool Toys

Learn to use kickboards, fins, the pace clock, and possibly paddles and pull buoys.

Learn how to write a workout for yourself.