There are several major topics that must be addressed to right the ship of Aquatics so that swimming is taught in a sustainable way that works for all.

#1. Floating is not “supposed to be” horizontal.

It might be horizontal and it might not. If you’re not standing up and you’re not lying on the bottom, you’re floating. Horizontal, diagonal and vertical are all good positions of floating. Feet on the floor? No problem! Tell your traditional swimming instructor that good floats can take any position.

If you took the water away, where would these people go? Down! So what is  holding them up? The water! That’s what a float is.

If you try to keep your feet off the bottom and you’re a person who would naturally float with your feet down, your “V” shape will cause you to wobble and possibly pull your face under water. It’s uncomfortable.

More topics to come. Read Conquer Your Fear of Water and learn it all.