Conquer Your Fear of Water

Learn to swim. Learn to float. Learn to love deep water!

Miracle Swimming School for Adults is a swim school that teaches only adults who are fearful in water how to overcome their fear and swim. Since our top priority is comfort, we are—for all intents and purposes—100% successful.

For 38 years, we’ve taught adults to be peaceful in deep water.
We are the one school that teaches this.
Learn in person. Learn online. DIY with new tools.
Make it easy for yourself. Your search is over.

Hover to play video. This is why people call it Miracle Swimming. The instructor was socially distanced for the entire course.

What Makes
Miracle Swimming Succeed?

It's Universal

It applies to all lessons, all students and all topics

It's Sensible

People say, “Why isn’t all swimming taught like this?”

It’s Simple

You overcome fear without being frightened.

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Ready to Get in the Pool?

Register for the Beginning or Ultra Beginning Course.
Beginning is for adults who are afraid in water. Ultra Beginning is, too, but it’s for those who would be most comfortable learning to float by putting their hands on the bottom. It’s impossible to fail to learn to float that way.

Learn At Home
  1. Our online course surprises every single student.
  2. No time to travel? Overcome 50% of your fear at home. Literally.
  3. Have access to a back yard pool? Here’s EVERYTHING you need to DIY.
Book / DVD / Podcast
  1. Our whole Beginning and Next Step course content is in our first book
  2. A demonstration of our system and its results are in the DVD
  3. The podcast changes your approach to swimming to “successful.” This content is slowly becoming mainstream.
  4. Get our Learn At Home materials here.

One-Liner Stories

Suspended and Happy!

He can’t believe he’s not on the bottom. It’s deep here.

Submerged Peace

Playing in water over her head. It was her dream and now she’s doing it.

Floating, No Struggle

He never thought floating meant his feet could be on the bottom

We've Got You

Sometimes, doing it together makes it possible. Then you can happily do it alone!

New Confidence

Now his sense of humor comes out to play!

Fear Conquered

Learning with classmates with a common bond is fun.

Miracle Swimming Founder


Her work has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, NPR, NBC’s Today Show, CNN’s Headline News, Psychology Today, Real Simple, Elle, San Francisco Chronicle, Tampa Bay Times, Sarasota Herald Tribune...