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Refunds, Cancellations, Contact Information & Privacy

Refunds, Cancellations, Contact Information & Privacy

Refunds, Cancellations

The minimum class size is 5; maximum, 8. During Covid19, the maximum class size is 4. Your enrollment is your commitment to your class and classmates. If you cancel earlier than 45 days before the class start date, you may receive a refund of fees above the nonrefundable deposit. Or, you may transfer those fees and your nonrefundable deposit to another class. Your balance is due 45 days before the class begins.

If you cancel between 45 days and 31 days before the class start date, you will forfeit the nonrefundable deposit but you may transfer your registration to another class. Thirty days before the start date and later, if you cancel, you will forfeit your full fee: your cancellation would threaten the viability of the course for all fellow students and Miracle Swimming School for Adults.

Space Confirmation

When the balance of your course fee is paid in full and you’ve agreed to the refund policy, your space in class is confirmed.

If a student no-shows, s/he forfeits his/her course fee.

The class is not frightening and you will not be pushed.

*We protect against class members making vacation and travel arrangements and having a class canceled due to a student’s change of plans; we protect against Miracle Swimming’s holding a non-viable class; we protect against an instructor committing their available earning time to a course that doesn’t fly.


Our contact information

Miracle Swimming School for Adults, LLC
941 921 6420
1217 East Ave. South
Sarasota, FL 34239


Our website address is: https://miracleswimming.com.
We are owned by Melon Dash, M.S. Ed., Founder of Miracle Swimming.
Our headquarters are located in Sarasota, FL. We teach classes in other cities and we have licensees who teach classes in their cities. See Instructors page.



We do not share or sell your personal data with anyone.