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Be 100% Successful Teaching Afraid Adults to Float


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Be Invincible with Adult Non-swimmers

Make a profound difference in water safety in your community by teaching afraid-in-water adults incredibly well.

When floats fail, it’s usually due to a misunderstanding. Misunderstandings prevent many adults from learning to swim.

Teach afraid adults to float in a way that cannot fail.
Online recorded course
June 12, 13, 14. Or, attend in person.
Demonstrations will be made with actual afraid adult students learning to float from scratch at a Miracle Swimming Essentials 1 Course outside of London. Front floats, back floats, and unfloats (righting themselves).
Video of floating instruction will be made available each evening.
See the video, then send your next questions each evening. They will be answered in the next recorded session.

Are you invincible with afraid adult students?

This training will be taught by Miracle Swimming School for Adults founder, Melon Dash (USA) and Andie Andrews, Aquatic Specialist (UK), author, and Board Member of the Lifesaving Foundation.

Dash authored Conquer Your Fear of Water: A Revolutionary Way to Learn to Swim Without Ever Feeling Afraid. Her approach is profoundly different from traditional swimming instruction. Andie and Melon espouse no-push, self-responsible learning which allows every student to be succesful. Learn more at https://miracleswimming.com/miracle-swimming-movement/. Dash has been Top Ten in 4 events as a US masters swimmer. She is invincible with afraid adult students!

Leave this training with powerful information that will enhance your teaching immediately.

“It’s been a lifelong and frustrating struggle for me, more lessons than I care to remember and still the thought of being underwater fills me with terror. No exaggeration. I’ve wept in plenty of changing cubicles despising myself for being such a coward. In the last set of lessons I was the only one who wouldn’t – couldn’t – jump in.

I’m running out of time now unfortunately, as I’m now 70 .”

This woman will be in the London course.