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Via Zoom
4 meetings of 2 hours

The goal of the Next Step course is to become calm and confident in water over your head.
This requires inner stillness in deep water. A remarkable amount of progress can be
made on land developing an understanding, with conversation and visualization,
of how to stay in the 1st Circle and remain there in new situations.

Each session: approximately 1 hour conversation, 1 hour visualization. Visualizations may go over an hour.
This course is the first Next Step course online. It’s an experiment to determine the best
duration of the course: 4, 6, or 8 meetings. If 4 is not enough, it will be extended.

Sundays, August 23, 30, September 13, 20 12-2 pm. Eastern

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Who Takes Our Next Step?

Graduates of our Beginning course are eligible for the Next Step course once they can float and unfloat and roll over in shallow water peacefully.

If you’re not ready, join us for the online Beginning course, to be announced soon.

What Is the Course?

The goal of this course is to become calm in water over your head. You can rest and play in deep water without getting tired for 10 or 15 minutes. If you don’t reach all of this freedom during your class, you may re-take it as many times as you wish.

Where and How?

Hosted in Sarasota, FL
1-1.5 hour, $39

We will decide during or after this class whether to continue and how long the course shall run.

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