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MS Instructor Royalties



Licensed Miracle Swimming Instructors
  • Licensing fee
  • 5% Royalty for using the Miracle Swimming system

Calculate your royalty
Royalty = Number of students times the Price each student pays minus $14 for 1 Student Handbook/student  times .05
Due date: If your course starts May 9 and finishes May 31, the royalties are due by June 7.
In the Quantity field above, please enter the number of dollars you are paying.
If there are fractions of a dollar involved, round down if less than .50. Round up for .50 and above.
Under $100, add $2 for the fee we pay to process your cc. Above $100, add another $2 per $100. Add $1 for $100-150.
Or,  you may send a check.
Thank you for being a Miracle Swimming Instructor and teaching afraid adults in your community to be safer and to swim!