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Miracle Swimming Instructor Training-One Lesson

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Miracle Swimming Mindfulness Instructor Training

The first seven lessons will be available by June 1. Become 100% successful teaching afraid-in-water adults. Teach relevant new material to reliably lead all afraid adult students to their primary swimming goals—comfort and safety in deep water.

  • There are 38 lessons to prepare you to teach our Essentials 1 and 2 courses which take people to comfort and safety in deep water. Choose your level of commitment.
  • One lesson costs $99. You may purchase as many lessons as you’d like at one time by changing the Quantity field above.
  • The first block of 4 lessons includes the Universal Laws of Learning.
  • The next block of 16 lessons trains you to teach the material of Essentials 1.
  • The third block contains training to teach Essentials 2 which completes a students’ comfort in deep water.
  • Once you purchase two lessons, you’ll get access to the recorded live and recorded group Zoom sessions—90 minutes each—that discuss the material and answer questions as  further training.
  • Once you take a lesson, you have access to the recorded live Zoom session that covers it.
  • Instructor Training Manual for the lessons you take. Learn and practice the teaching in the field.
  • Permission to be where you are. No competition.
  • Ebook—Conquer Your Fear of Water: A Revolutionary Way to Learn to Swim Without Ever Feeling Afraid—and video, The Miracle Swimmer (streaming). These are sent upon registration for the 2nd and 3rd lessons respectively.
  • Training buddies: establish a connection with another trainee to discuss learning, compare notes
  • First lessons of the training include:
    Self-Assessment as an instructor
    Our contract (promise) to students
    The reliability of a system and the importance of following it
    Basics of MSSA Teaching Professionalism
    Universal Laws of Learning
    Things You Wouldn’t Believe
  • Second block of lessons  prepares you to teach the content of Miracle Swimming’s Essentials 1 Course. The course as we deliver it is eight 3-hour sessions of one hour on land and two hours in the pool. Therefore, the training includes sixteen lessons to learn to teach the dryland and pool sessions of Essentials 1. Included is one live Zoom session for every one or two lessons in the block. The lessons include:
  • Putting face in
    Delivering the 5 Circles
    Shallow water buoyancy and skills
    How to “spot” students
    Deep Water buoyancy, some deep water skills
    All the conversations and points essential to healing students’ fear and making them water-savvy at the level of Essentials 1
    Invitation to practice all these skills yourself
    Treatment of how to keep yourself safe in deep water with students
    Content of the eight 1-hour-long dry-land sessions
    Content of eight pool sessions of Essentials 1
    Confidence in your message, daily proof of its power
    Certainty that your students will be successful
  • Upon completion of the Essentials 1 block,  you may come to Sarasota for the hands-on training with an actual Essentials 1 course.
  • Third block of lessons is the content of Miracle Swimming’s Essentials 2 Course. Same format as Essentials 1. Sixteen lessons. Included is one live Zoom session for every two lessons in the block.
    Review of Essentials 1
    Deep water buoyancy and games
    Water entries
    Resting in deep water indefinitely
    All the conversations and points essential to healing students’ fear and making them water-savvy at the level of Essentials 2
    Invitation to practice all these skills yourself
    Deepening conviction of the reliability of this system
    Seeing students become comfortable in the deep
  • You may come to Sarasota for the hands-on training for Essentials 2. It’s best to have a few months between attending E1 and E2 hands-on trainings.

Credential: When you have completed the first three blocks of the training, you will earn a Miracle Swimming Part 1 Instructor Certificate. You will not be a Miracle Swimming Instructor: MSSA doesn’t know how well you learn the system, or how consistently and well you convey the message to students. You will however be able to provide a worthy course which fills a vast need unlike anything else in your area. You may not call it Miracle Swimming but you may display your Part 1 certificate and reference it in your marketing materials. MSSA encourages instructors to become fully trained but makes the teaching available to those who do not have this goal.

The book, Conquer Your Fear of Water reveals key material, but it does not teach you how to teach the material.

MSSA’s goal is to develop two Miracle Swimming Instructors in each state to start.

There are quizzes but no test for this training. You “pass” when you not only agree with the system, but also get an average of 95% correct on your quizzes and you use the system in every instance. You will become a noticeably better instructor. Mastery takes time and practice.

Part 2 is on location with live Essentials 1 and Essentials 2 courses. Attend 7 days of training for Essentials 1. Cost: $1000 plus travel. Pass the training. Return home and use what you’ve learned. Come back  3-6 months hence to attnd 7 days of the Essentials 2 trainng. Cost: $1000 plus travel. Pass the training. Sign licensing agreement. Receive your Miracle Swimming Instructor credential. (This should be a college degree!)

To be a Miracle Swimming Instructor, you must demonstrate mastery of the system, pass written quizzes, an oral test, and demonstrate teaching of several random lessons with the Miracle Swimming System. When you become one of our instructors, you may use our logo and name to market your swim school, eg: Miracle Swimming Chicago. 

MSSA’s goal is to develop 100 instructors, 4 trainers, and 2 trainer – trainers in the next 5 years. MSSA content should be available worldwide.

Ground Rules
This online training and the recorded sessions are not to be shared with a non-paying person. All materials are proprietary, copyrighted and/or trademarked or patented. Your purchase of this training implies your agreement to this rule. Sign a dedicated document later.

Receive a 100% refund, no questions asked, if requested in the 10 days after purchase. After the 10th day, no refunds.

Miracle Swimming Instructors
Instructors sign a licensing agreement in order to stay current and to keep the teaching of Miracle Swimming undiluted. We are looking into franchising. You’re required to update your training every two years online or in person at a event (fun as well as instructive). There is a licensing fee of $400/year to keep your license. It is used for Instructor Support year round in your lessons. This is a fraction of a payment of one of your students as they go through Miracle Swimming. You may conduct your own swim school or you may teach for MSSA in various locations where courses are scheduled. Student Handbooks for Essentials 1 and 2 are $14 and $10 each respectively at this time.