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Freestyle & Turns Online Private Lesson


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Freestyle & Turns

Yes, you can learn freestyle online if you have access to a pool to practice. Build the full stroke from the bottom up. Finish with a sustainable freestyle you can do for exercise.

Each week, you’ll send video of your swimming to the instructor. If often takes about two hours of practice to learn the skill(s) covered in one session and be ready for the next. If you can swim more often, all the better! Our last student in this course (he took it privately) is now swimming on a masters team in Denver.

The online course covers every point and drill of the in-person course. It’s a very good way to learn.

Classes are conducted by Zoom for 1-2 hours, once a week for 10 weeks.  If you wish to progress faster, more than one session per week can be scheduled. A session can take place each time you move to the next step. A student handbook is discussed during the “dry-land” part of class each week.