Everyone can learn to swim Comfort comes first You can float vertically Overcoming fear IS learning to swim Having fun is the best way to learn Feel safe all the time Overcome fear without feeling afraid Go at your own pace Learn with your swimming people It’s amazing what 5 days can do Correct information does wonders!


Goodbye, Fear of Flying


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Fear of Flying Course

Tuesday evenings, 7-9 p.m.
April 2-May 14
Exception: May 6 instead of May 7
Hawthorne Aviation (formerly Dolphin Aviation)
8191 Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL

Do you dread or avoid flying? Have people tried to help you by reciting scientific facts? Fear is unimpressed by science. In this comprehensive course, we heal fear: you’ve had enough managing and avoiding it. Make gains on Day 1. At the end of the course, based on the group, we’ll either buy roundtrip commercial plane tickets to fly together as the next step of your learning, or continue for more classroom sessions to complete the ground training for all.

Heal fear on the ground. Prove it in the air.

Setting Expectations

The steps to intentionally overcome a deep fear are universal. They must be understood. They must be taken at your own pace. Each person must bring his/her questions to the table.
We cannot predict your transformation in the 6 weeks. But we can guarantee that if you practice the teaching, you will heal your fear of flying. Some transformation takes more time than others. Your timing is the right timing for you.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for this course unless the airport (course location) or instructor must cancel it for an unforeseen reason.
Go north on 41/Tamiami Trail from University Parkway .98 mile.
Pass a boatyard on the right just before Dolphin Aviation.
Dolphin Aviation is on the right.
Turn right onto the service road and drive to the end.
Park near the Dolphin Aviation awning.
Under the awning, enter at the left door.
There is plenty to cover. We will begin on time.
We will be mindful of keeping the room well ventilated.
A minimum of six students must be enrolled by noon March 29 for it to fly. If it’s cancelled due to underenrollment, payments will be refunded within 1 business day.


“Melon” (Mary Ellen) Dash developed a new paradigm of teaching and learning in 1983 to solve the problem of adults who were afraid in water who couldn’t learn to swim in traditional lessons. Fear had not been addressed or addressed properly. She has taught adults who are terrified in water to become confident and free in deep water for 41 years (1983). She is the author of Conquer Your Fear of Water: A Revolutionary Way to Learn to Swim Without Ever Feeling Afraid, and Conquer Your Fear of the Triathlon Swim. Her system is applicable to all fear.

Her work has been featured on CNN Headline News, TGI4, NBC’s Today Show, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NPR, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Athletic Business, Aquatics International, and numerous others. 

We are accompanied for part of the course by a retired Delta pilot who answers airplane and flight questions.