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New College Dorm Accommodations, 1 Night



Dorm Accommodations for June/July Miracle Swimming Courses
Courses and dorms are at New College of Florida
1. Count the number of nights you wish to stay in the dorm. June 11-August 1 is 51 nights. Here is a calculator for the number of nights.
2. Multiply that number by $46.60 to include tax.
3. Enter that number in the Quantity field above to the nearest dollar.
4. Send us an email with your name, check-in date and check-out date and the course(s) for which you registered. Also, tell us if you wish to have a swipe key as well as a metal key to enter your suite.

You’ll pay Miracle Swimming and Miracle Swimming will pay New College.

Dorm information provided by the college:

The available rental period is June 11-August 1.

If you’re in the Jump Off the Boat course ending August 1, you’ll return to the dorm, gather your gear (there’s time for a quick shower) and check out. Check in to another hotel for the remaining course and pool play time. Suggested:
The Anchorage of Siesta Key is best for size and temperature of pool, proximity to beach, and comfort of condos.

All rooms for summer dates must be reserved and paid in full by May 31.

Our “Y” residence hall will be available for Miracle Swimmers.  The Y elevator will not be operable this summer. However, almost all suites for Miracle Swimmers are on the first floor. The others are on the second floor.

Laundry will be available in X residence hall, next to Y residence hall, with a cost of $1.50 per wash and $1.50 per dry cycle.

Next to the laundry room in the X residence hall is the communal kitchen, where residents may prepare food. In the kitchen we have two ranges, a microwave, and a full-size fridge, along with food prep and seating areas. Residents will need to provide their own cooking and eating utensils, but if there’s anything in good condition at student move-out this month, staff will hold onto it for Miracle Swimmers.

“Why are we staying in Y residence hall instead of X?”
Because in both dorms, there are 3-bedroom suites and 4-bedroom suites. All suites have one bathroom.
We figured you’d prefer to be in a 3-bedroom suite. Y has more 3-bedroom suites than X.

Basic cleaning will occur Monday – Friday in the building common areas, but not within suites.

Rooms all have a key entrance – if you would like swipe cards to access your suite (swipe cards do not open individual bedroom doors inside of suites) college needs that request by May 31.

Parking will be available at no additional cost, but you will need to register your vehicle and get a visitor parking pass.

We will have desk lamps available. Individual bedrooms do not have overhead lights, though the common spaces do. Rooms have a twin XL mattress, bed, a side table, desk, chair, dresser, bookcase, big window and a space to hang clothes.
Suites are single-gender.

Wi-Fi and ethernet connection will be available in bedrooms. Wi-fi connection is open on campus.

We’ll have a full-time staff member available 24/7 during your stay on campus.

Before you arrive, and after you leave the college will do a walkthrough of the residential spaces to record any damages/room issues with the suites. Any damages found (paint chips, missing keys, etc) will be added to Miracle Swimming’s final bill, which will be due within 45 days of receipt of the invoice.

Linens are not provided, but each bed is equipped with a Twin XL mattress.
There is a full-sized refrigerator in each suite.

Public transportation services the campus.
Food delivery services come to a central location on campus. There is no meal service.

Mail deliveries will go to the following address. All mail is delivered to our central receiving campus mailroom. Packages will be available for pickup Monday – Friday from 8 – 4:30.
Your Name, Miracle Swimming, Dorm Y, New College of Florida, 5800 Bay Shore Rd Sarasota Fl, 34243

Cancellation Policy
1.     If the program is canceled and the facilities are not used, the fifteen (15) percent deposit shall be forfeited.

2.     Before the end date Sunday, August 1, 2023 (8/1/23) of the Sarasota Miracle Swimming program at NCF, Sarasota Miracle Swimming shall provide seventy (70) percent of the estimated balance due to NCF.

3.     Remaining payment for the entire amount must be made within forty-five (45) days of Sarasota Miracle Swimming’s receipt of NCF’s final statement. Checks must be made payable to New College of Florida.