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Deep Water Play July 11-14, 2024


8 Available

Pay a deposit of $200.00 per item
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July 11-14 2024
Sarasota, FL

Location: New College of Florida, tentative
5639 Gen’l Twinning Road
Sarasota, FL 34243

Also Arlington Park Pool
2650 Waldemere St.
Sarasota, FL 34239

Class Schedule
Thursday, July 11, 12-3
Friday 9-noon (Arlington) and 3-6
Saturday 2-5 (Arlington)
Sunday 9-noon and 3-6

Balance and 5 registrations due by May 29, 2024

Become comfortable in every corner of the pool. Learn to change directions, go up and down, maneuver at will.
Master your nose. Bring a wetsuit shirt and fins, preferably full foot rubber snorkeling fins that fit like slippers. Smaller fitness fins are okay. Full foot rubber snorkeling fins are pictured on the swimmer above.
“Sporti Essential Floating Swim Fins” is an example.
We’ve added a session to the course at the request of past students.
Stay at any accommodations you choose.

Arlington Park Pool is a large city pool with a 13.5 foot deep end.
A $200 nonrefundable deposit reserves your space in class. Balance is due May 29, 2024.
Provide your own transportation to Arlington Pool. (Lyft, Uber available)
Class size minimum: 5, maximum  8