Conquer Your Fear of Water Paperback, DVD

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Conquer Your Fear of Water Paperback
The Miracle Swimmer DVD
These are the steps of overcoming fear. The lessons are not frightening. New lessons, a new starting point, new approach, and new steps that leave no stone unturned and no skill unlearned.  Overcoming fear is learning to swim, including in water over your head. Strokes are not part of learning to swim: they are part of learning to swim efficiently, once you’ve learned to swim. New idea. Old truths. This is the cutting edge of adult swimming lessons.
336 pages, color, 200 photos and diagrams
Published 2006
DVD: The Miracle Swimmer
47 minutes
Playable in All Regions
Published 2000
Shows two unrehearsed classes of real new students learning from scratch. Special effect conveys the 5 Circles in action.