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Conquer Your Fear of Water Book


Book: Conquer Your Fear of Water

Conquer Your Fear of Water
A Revolutionary Way to Learn to Swim Without Ever Feeling Afraid

Second Edition
324 pages, 218 photos and diagrams. Ebook: Color PDF

To learn to swim you must overcome fear of water first. Learn the universal steps—every single one—of becoming comfortable in water. It’s about presence of mind. Learn to float and maneuver in water on front and back calmly in shallow water without scaring yourself. Then, following the teaching of the book, take this into the deep end by going slowly and staying true to yourself. The book tells all.

Experience how the water works with your body. Learn the true meaning of “I can swim.” It’s not “I can move my arms and legs like this.” It’s, “I’m comfortable in deep water.”

There’s something new to know about healing fear of water: you cannot push yourself to learn. Don’t blame yourself for being afraid or for not learning previously. The book is the information missing from traditional lessons.

There is a profound misunderstanding by the public about how fear in water heals. It is not cured by practicing frightening things.

Once you are no longer afraid— you’re at ease in water over your head—you’ll have attention to spare for swimming efficiently: strokes. Strokes are irrelevant to overcoming fear: they are not included in the book. Follow the book and you will be able to move comfortably anywhere in the pool with the natural motions that come intuitively when you’re comfortable…without the anguish of learning formal strokes before you’re ready.

BookLife Prize – 2022 by Publishers Weekly

“This book will help readers of all ages who want to learn to swim. The step-by-step approach is clear and easily accessible and can be practiced in just a few sessions as readers find themselves less fearful in deeper water. Melon breaks down the subject with multiple solutions, yet manages to not overwhelm the learner.

In this well-executed text, with a step-by-step approach to not only overcoming a fear of water but also learning to swim in spite of it, Melon’s perspective and real-life comparisons make it easy to understand her lessons.

For anyone who thought it wasn’t possible to learn to swim from a book, this book will prove that theory wrong. The advice given is relatable and will ring true with anyone who has ever doubted themselves in the water.

Melon’s process is simple and nicely conveyed. She has patiently included and addressed any problem or excuse that might arise in such situations. Her methods are practical and logical, and go hand in hand with the games and practice methods that she recommends. Melon has eliminated confusion by breaking the process down into specific activities and solid advice.”

Miracle Swimming School for Adults founder Melon Dash’s work has appeared in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NBC’s Today Show, CNN’s Headline News, Psychology Today, Real Simple, Elle, San Francisco Chronicle, Tampa Bay Times, Sarasota Herald Tribune, and dozens more.

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