Conquer Your Fear of Water (Paperback)


Paperback: Black and white,
330 pages,
200 photos and diagrams
Ebook: Color, PDF format

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Paperback: Black and white, 330 pages, 200 photos and diagrams
Ebook: Color, PDF format

These are the steps of overcoming fear. 330 pages of new lessons: a new starting point, new approach, and new steps that leave no stone unturned and no skill unlearned.  Learning to swim is literally overcoming fear, for adults. Strokes are not part of learning to swim: they are part of learning to swim efficiently after you learn to swim. Proven since 1983. The cutting edge of adult learn-to-swim.

Two books in one:  learning to swim and how healing fear works.

Author and Miracle Swimming founder Melon Dash’s work has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, NBC’s Today Show, CNN’s Headline News, Athletic Business, Real Simple, Elle, Recreation, San Francisco Chronicle, Tampa Bay Times, Sarasota Herald Tribune, Psychology Today, The Jewish News, and dozens more.

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Alice’s Story

I gave the book to the aquatics director of the Y, who was my instructor. I am testimony that it works, as she was willing to let me follow your book as best as I could and would follow my instructions RE: what I wanted her to do.

I was watching other students splashing and struggling to learn strokes with her and the other instructor. Even using multiple flotation devices, they were unable to be calm in the water without the bottom or a wall. My instructor was genuinely thankful for what she was watching in my progress, and curiously asked if someday I would want to teach other adults because she and others could not relate to being afraid of water. I pray she relates better now and that the Y will be willing to tell potential students about your book and instructor training, or somehow finding a better way for the adults. Since I started sharing my experience of Miracle Swimming, I have encountered so many people that cannot swim. It has shocked me. I wish all instructors would want to learn.

Unfortunately, I have been told the director/my instructor quietly moved on, so I need to find out if she left the book there or took it with her. If she took it with her, I hope the new director will accept and read it.

Over the course of 5 months, just one or two 1-hour sessions a week with 4-6 weeks of various disruptions, she and others watched me go from shaking and terrified to somersaults, handstands, sit diving, and laps with my own version of crawl stroke (truly a "free" style!) – all (except the very first day) done slowly and calmly with no flotation devices. I was even asked last week by a synchronized swim team if I wanted to join...maybe one day! After 45+ years of many lessons by many different places and people, unable to conquer my panic (which I now know doesn't work their way) and vivid vision of drowning, I am finally near freedom. My final obstacle at our pool is that it does not have ladders…. So, I have developed my own way to explore and stay present in the deep. Slower, but it's working!

So thankful!! Miracle Swimming is a gift from the Lord God! Alice in Ohio