Everyone can learn to swim Comfort comes first You can float vertically Overcoming fear IS learning to swim Having fun is the best way to learn Feel safe all the time Overcome fear without feeling afraid Go at your own pace Learn with your swimming people It’s amazing what 5 days can do Learn an infallible, fun system Laugh and learn

Conquer Your Fear of Water (E-book)



E-Book: PDF
300 pages of new lessons, a new starting point, new approach, and new steps that leave no stone unturned and no skill unlearned. These are the steps of overcoming fear, since 1983. Overcoming fear is literally learning to swim. Yes, that includes water over your head. Strokes are not part of learning to swim: they are part of learning to be swim efficiently, once you’ve learned to swim. New idea. Old truths never realized until 1983. New success. This is the cutting edge of adult learn-to-swim.

Feel understood.

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