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Learning with our Covid-19 protocol. Instructor is 6 feet away.

Beginning Course Online

When you think about being in the middle of a deep pool, how do you feel?

◈ Does your heart speed up?
◈ Do you feel tense?

Just as you don’t need water to feel fearful, you don’t need it to overcome a significant portion of your fear.  Much of it can be overcome on land, online. We proved it.

There’s key information you must have to overcome fear and learn to swim. It’s covered in our online course. You’ve already tried going to the pool to learn. Something else is essential. Sign up and get it!

A dry-land component has always been a strength of our courses. In the online course, you’ll learn from the same conversations and points made in our In-Person Beginning course. They teach precisely what you need to know, filling in the gaps of what’s been missing.

You’ll also learn skills by visualization in each session. To many people, it’s astonishing. Ask all your questions and get satisfying answers.

Though you will need to prove the learning to yourself in the water, you can get started and make remarkable progress online. It doesn’t produce the exact same results as the In-person course, but accomplishes one third to one half of what you would learn in the In-person course.


Learn on Zoom

What Is the Online Beginning Course?

“Everything you always wanted to know that no one ever told you”

It is literally impossible to fail if you try our system.

Start where you are today and skip no steps. This course is all the dry-land sessions and shallow water skills you need, including essential skills not taught elsewhere. Begin to learn ease by relying on yourself for your safety, rather than the bottom or the side.

8 three-hour classes, half spent on the “dry-land” part of the course and half on learning skills by visualization. First class is 2 hours, so total is 23 hours.

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Hazel: "My swimming changed in an online course."​

Hazel’s progress after the course:

“…But there it happened: I did a back float without holding on! And a front float! Without holding on! So I thought why stop here – let’s do back float – unfloat – front float and the other way round. And I did!!! I was amazed at myself. Could this really be happening? I am so proud of myself!”

When you visualize learning in a safe place, you succeed

You Can Count On:

◈ Learning with others who feel as you do, who become friends.
◈ Feeling safe
◈ Overcoming fear without being scared

   ◈ Changing your mind and changing your life.

   ◈ 8 three-hour classes online, via Zoom: $399

   ◈ Introduction: 1st session of the Beginning  course, $39


Videos of Online Course Graduates' Victories

Coming: Each of these grads sent in “Show & Tell!” to let us know what they had learned from our online course. Imagine!

What Is the Online Introductory Course?

The Online Introductory Course is the first session of the Online Beginning Course. It introduces you to Miracle Swimming. It’s two hours long. Results:
     First breakthroughs, new hope
     Learn what we teach and how it works. 
     Confirm that Miracle Swimming is what you’re looking for
     Determine whether you’re a Beginner or Ultra Beginner.

Discussion and visualization

What Is the Online Next Step Course?

The Online Next Step Course is overcoming fear on land to advance your swimming. Water is unnecessary for a significant part of your next steps. We use both the Beginning Course Student Handbook and the Next Step Course Student Handbook. 

This course is for Beginning Course In-person graduates. Start where you are today. Identify the beliefs that are holding you back and the next steps, in class. Learn with guided visualizations in class that meet you exactly where you are and allow you to practice with no fear. You’ll feel the shift. Proof comes when you’re able to get into the water.

8 meetings of 2 — 3 hours over 8 weekends, $399
Length of each session depends on number of students in class.

What Is the Online Freestyle Course?

You must be a graduate of our Beginning Course, and preferably Next Step Course and Deep Water Play Course to take Online Freestyle. There are ten weekly sessions of varying length depending on the number of students in class. A full class of eight students takes 1.5 to 2 hours for each meeting. Practice once or twice during the week at a convenient pool. Send a video of your practice to the instructor before the next online meeting.