Everyone can learn to swim Comfort comes first You can float vertically Overcoming fear IS learning to swim Having fun is the best way to learn Feel safe all the time Overcome fear without feeling afraid Go at your own pace Learn with your swimming people It’s amazing what 5 days can do Correct information does wonders!



In Person

When you can put your hands on the bottom, you feel safe

Who Takes Essentials SloMo?

SloMo refers to “slow motion.” We don’t mean that literally. And we don’t mean you’re slow! This course was formerly called Ultra Beginning.

◈ Take Essentials SloMo if you want to go extra slowly as you learn. This course works infallibly for the MOST afraid students.

◈ You want to learn in a setting that makes it inevitable that you’ll learn to float.

◈ You want to get your safety from yourself rather than from the bottom or the side.

◈ You have a difficult swimming- or water-history.

◈ You know there must be a way to learn that’s not frightening.

◈ You want to be certain that this time you take lessons, you’ll succeed.

◈ Essentials SloMo students have often taken lessons before where they were afraid most of the time yet fear wasn’t addressed. “Proper movement of arms and legs” was the goal.

◈  You would like to guarantee success by using a 2-foot pool for early lessons. It’s impossible to fail to learn to float here.

◈ Spend time in standard depth water when ready. We do not go into deep water.

◈ You want to be with your “swimming people”!

◈You want information that’s been missing from previous lessons.

Learning to float and stand up

What Is the Course?

The vast amount of information missing from previous lessons.

“Everything you always wanted to know that no one
  ever told you!”

◈ 24 hours over 5 days in a vacation setting
◈ This is the Essentials 1 course taught more slowly.
◈ How can I be comfortable all the time?
◈ Why do I sink?
◈ When will I stop hating to put my face in?
◈ How can I feel okay letting go of the wall?
◈ Why haven’t I been able to learn before?
◈ Can I learn? Is there hope for me? 
◈ Is it really possible to enjoy myself playing in water?

It is literally impossible to fail if you try our system. Go at your own pace. You will never be pushed.

In Person: Start where you are today and skip no steps. This course is all the dry-land sessions and shallow water skills you need, including essential skills not taught elsewhere. Begin to learn ease by relying on yourself for your safety, rather than the bottom or the side. The photo at the left portrays learning during Covid. Each student will learn a portion of his/her confidence at our new Float Bars, as pictured. You are connected securely to the bar so you don’t need a spotter. These allow social distancing, yet allow you to learn the early skills comfortably.

8 three-hour classes of one-hour on land, followed by two-hours in warm water. Register 120 days, or more, in advance to receive a discount of $50 on the in-person course. (Deducted when your balance is paid.)

Learn the easy way to keep water out of your nose: Step 1

When, Where, How?

May 1-5, 2023 Sarasota FL
August 7-11, 2023 Sarasota FL

$1099 price plus hotel

Start at the beginning and skip no steps. We cover all the points and conversations that must be covered in order for you to gain a new understanding of how the water works and how to overcome fear.

Course format: 8 three-hour class sessions of 1 hour on land followed by 2 hours in the pool, customized for you. The “SloMo” course spends more time in the very shallow water to allow time for adjustment and learning. Standard-depth water is available when you’re ready. Learn to put your face in comfortably, float on front and back, “unfloat,” and move through the water.

One of many good back floats

Count On:

◈ Feeling safe all the time
◈ Learning with others who feel as you do
◈ Having fun, no pressure, no competition

◈ Going at your own pace and being comfortable
◈ Overcoming fear without being scared
◈ Understanding “how the water works.”
◈ Doing things you never could, because you feel better than you ever did
◈ Receiving satisfying answers to your questions
◈ Realizing that you can learn to swim
◈ Being a different person—more yourself—when you leave
◈ Small classes (especially small during Covid19 restrictions),
◈ Individual attention: you are all at different starting points and learning rates but all need the same information. Therefore, you learn individually, together and at your own pace
◈ Advancing your discoveries by sharing them.
◈ Seeing the way to freedom as a swimmer