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Connected to student. Pre-Covid19.

Why Train?

◈ To be 100% successful with adults
◈ To learn ideas that every instructor must know
      that were not part of your certification
◈ To cause your students to learn
◈ To align with a proven, time-tested system
◈ To make more money

◈To be 100% successful with your adult students there are 3 things you must know:

     ◈What they want
     ◈How to teach it
     ◈How to troubleshoot challenges

◈ Not part of your training

     ◈ Definition of  “I Can Swim”
     ◈ How learning works
     ◈ How fear works
     ◈ The damage caused by, “Relax!”

 ◈ Cause your students to learn

     ◈ Our system works for virtually all   
         adults. The exception is truly rare.

  ◈ Align with a proven system

      ◈ The system has not failed once for over 5000 students in 38 years, in hundreds of thousands of lessons

      ◈ The name, Miracle Swimming is starting to be recognized in Aquatics circles.

  ◈ Make more money

       ◈ When you are successful, people spread the word. When you know something no one else in your area knows, you have success no one else in your area has.

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Top: Panic. Bottom: Learning.

What Is the Course?

“The answer to every question you’ve had as an instructor of afraid students and beginner adults.”

It is literally impossible to fail if you learn our system.


The training is currently being revamped. It is approximately 18 lessons online, requiring 1-3 hours each: reading, video-viewing, writing, and quizzes. Use your new knowledge (for new instructors and master teachers) in the field as you train.

The training includes the system, the agreement with Miracle Swimming School for Adults, LLC, how to set up your Miracle Swimming Practice, FAQs for your website, marketing materials (after you pass the Hands-On Training), and continuing education opportunities and requirements.

In Person:

The Hands-On Training (HOT), is two weeks on location during scheduled back-to-back in-person Miracle Swimming Beginning and Next Step Courses. About 50% of your learning takes place here.

Learn essential teaching skills not taught elsewhere.

The HOT is approximately 60 hours. It is not meant to be an intensive. It is taught with Miracle Swimming principles. There are tests to pass along the way and at the end.

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Students begin to learn to float. (Pre-Covid-19)

You Can Count On:

◈ Changing your mind about learning
◈ Getting answers to long-held questions
◈ Feeling excited about new possibilities


◈ Calling former students to say, “Try again!”

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Holding hands makes jumping in do-able at first (Pre-Covid-19)

Where and When:

To be announced

Late 2021?

These two students (of two) overcame fear in five days

And, the instructor did not come within 6 feet of them. You can be the person who brings them this success. There’s still more for them to learn, but what a great beginning!

Requirements to Take Training

◈ Read Conquer Your Fear of Water

◈ See the DVD, The Miracle Swimmer

◈ Listen to the 13 episodes of The Learn to Swim Show

◈ Submit an application to train

◈ Read and agree to the Licensing/Franchising Agreement

◈ Pay Training Fee