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Instructor Training

Secure learning with the instructor 6 feet away

Be Invincible.

To be a Miracle Swimming Instructor, a teacher must be not only experienced, gentle and kind; she or he must also recognize that safety in deep water must be developed as part of learning to swim. Strokes do not make a person safe in deep water.

A student must be comfortable in deep water to learn to swim: to be safe.

Comfort is the goal of every single moment of our courses; the primary goal is never a physical skill.

A licensed Miracle Swimming Instructor can bring virtually any  afraid adult to comfort in deep water. Fear is the #1 obstacle to learning to swim (once someone has access to a pool/body of water). Panic is most likely the main cause of drowning in adults.

Aquatic Learning Station: students learn to float and stand up independently with our Float Bar and Tether. U.S. Patent #11,331,554.

What Is the Miracle Swimming Mindfulness Instructor Training?

It’s a refreshing, powerful, and healing correction of much of the information taught in traditional lessons to afraid adults and their instructors. It’s a positive, completely new system of teaching that cannot fail.

For over one hundred years, swimming lessons in the U.S. have focussed on learning strokes. Since the late 1980s, they have emphasized strokes almost to the exclusion of safety.

The secret to successful swimming lessons for adults who are afraid—half of adults— is not tips on swimming technique or mechanics. It’s presence of mind.

When you understand the system of The 5 Circles, you will supercharge your power as a teacher. It has never failed.

“It cannot and does not fail.” —M.A. Yund,
Miracle Swimming graduate, Berkeley, CA

“Infallible.” —J.S. , MrSw graduate, New York City

“This deserves the Nobel Prize.” —Several graduates

38 Lessons: readings, diagrams, videos of live courses toward becoming a Miracle Swimming Instructor.

In Person
Attend the Miracle Swimming Essentials 1 and 2 Courses.

Take a test

Pass and teach Miracle Swimming in your home town.

These steps are subject to modification. The training licensed 65 instructors between 2004 and 2018. It’s currently being rebuilt and is ready to begin online.

Aquatic Learning Station
The Float Bars of the Aquatic Learning Station pictured above are not part of the system. However, they do speed up learning by providing each student with a safe learning station, freeing the instructor to be with other students and to oversee a class.

The most common statement made by graduates of this instructor training is, “This makes sense. Why haven’t we always done it this way?”

Holding hands makes jumping in less scary.

How to Begin

Start learning the Miracle Swimming way with these primers: the book, Conquer Your Fear of Water, A Revolutionary Way to Learn to Swim Without Ever Feeling Afraid, the video, The Miracle Swimmer, and the podcast, The Learn to Swim Show.

They will transform your perspective. Start using them in your teaching.

When you digest these resources, you’ll know whether you want to commit to the Miracle Swimming Instructor Training (Miracle Swimming Mindfulness Instructor Training). The training teaches you how to teach Miracle Swimming. Whereas the products above are aimed at the student, the training is aimed at the instructor. It’s a higher perch that prepares you to teach in a new way. It is a transformation.

You can read more about the Miracle Swimming Movement here.

Students begin to learn the front float. (Pre-Covid-19)

Count On:

In the Mindfulness Instructor Training of Miracle Swimming,  you can count on:

Replacing many of the teaching beliefs, lessons, and accepted truths you’ve accumulated with a new “teacher file” that shifts your perspective up to 180 degrees.

Relief that you finally understand why some things never worked.

Confidence that you can resolve any afraid learner’s challenges.

Never getting tired of teaching afraid students, adults or kids.

Earning power you’ve never had. A swim instructor credential that’s second to none.

How Do I Become A Miracle Swimming Instructor?

Teaching Miracle Swimming requires:

  • A knowing that current adult-learn-to-swim (LTS) methods don’t teach safety in deep water
  • Openness to the possibility that there’s more to learn about how to teach afraid students
  • Willingness to challenge the system you were taught and the Miracle Swimming system
  • Willingness to examine your beliefs honestly
  • Transparency
  • A desire to give
  • Time to experience an empowering transformation


Digest the three demonstrations / illustrations of Miracle Swimming listed above: book, video and podcast.

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These two students overcame fear in five days

We proved that an instructor does not have to be within 6 feet of students for breakthroughs of this magnitude to happen in 5 days. These students were ecstatic about this beginning!