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Guaranteed Path to Your Learn-to-Swim Goals

Turning the Ship of Aquatics

At Miracle Swimming, our students told us one of their lifelong mysteries was, “How will I ever reach my swimming goals? How will I learn to swim?”

       They found us. The formula was revealed. 

       In our Essentials 1 or Essentials 1 SloMo course,  you learn the basics of what needs to happen to          
       overcome fear. It’s a simple, powerful tool that keeps you feeling safe. It’s missing from lessons you’ve
       taken before. When you feel safe, surprise! You learn! 

What do you learn? To slow down, to prevent panic, to float, unfloat, roll over, propel yourself, reverse direction, let go in the deep, remain in control, jump in.

You become safe and confident to do things you never thought possible. This is our typical agenda, but every class is different. Be transformed.

Learning to be free in water happens in stages. You need time to accept the changes that take place. People often don’t believe it. Therefore, we take pictures and videos for you to watch later. The change settles in. 

In our Essentials 2 course, you review the basics of the Essentials 1 course and continue to slow down further so that you can become completely still and present in the middle of deep water, able to hang out there peacefully. Imagine.

This is a shift in your understanding about how the water works and how you can be yourself, without worry. You will be transformed.

In our Deep Water Play courseyou review your Essentials 2 Course gains and build upon the confidence you won in deep water. We add games and “toys” so that you can more deeply understand how the water works and how to use it to go where you want to go—for example to pick up the keys you dropped in the drink! It is here that we’ve seen our students spontaneously begin to tread water as though they had been doing it all their lives. You will be transformed.

After mastering Deep Water Play, you will have mastered the pool. You can take these skills to open water as well. With the mastery of Deep Water Play, you can be successful learning strokes: you will have become organized—coordinated—enough that you can understand stroke lessons and execute them. Take strokes from us or your local swim school.

In our Ocean 101 course, you’ll have the experience of salt water in a warm, calm ocean setting. Become familiar with the ocean and demystify its characteristics (as much as we can in 3 days). It gives you a leg up over the pool classes when you go on vacation with family or friends. You will be transformed.

In our Jump Off the Boat course, become confident hurling yourself with reckless abandon off a boat into the blue! Join the ranks of open water-safe swimmers. What a milestone! You will be transformed.

All these levels are achieved systematically, using our proprietary 5 Circles Teaching System. It’s anchored in universal laws of learning that we have not seen used elsewhere. It cannot fail. It never has. Students or teachers may forget to use it now and then: but it can’t fail. If you’ve read our book, Conquer Your Fear of Water, you know what it is and that it works. 

We hope you’ll join us in 2023 to get started. If you’re really scared, try our Essentials 1 SloMo course. It’s the PERFECT way for you to begin. 

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Essentials 1 Courses, 2023
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Hope to see you this year.
Melon Dash
Founder, Miracle Swimming

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