Everyone can learn to swim Comfort comes first You can float vertically Overcoming fear IS learning to swim Having fun is the best way to learn Feel safe all the time Overcome fear without feeling afraid Go at your own pace Learn with your swimming people It’s amazing what 5 days can do Correct information does wonders!


Essentials 1 Course

Adult Swim Lessons In Person

Tethered to a Float Bar they feel secure, though the instructor is six feet away. Float bar and tether: patent #11,331,554.

Essentials 1
Our Entry Level Course

Do you wish you could stop in the middle of deep water? Let go of the side? Rest in water over your head? Keep water out of your nose? Can you “swim” but not breathe? You can overcome your fear of sinking, running out of air, losing control, putting your face in, and putting your head under water. Total 100% confidence in the deep usually takes the Essentials 1 course and Essentials 2 combined. Get halfway there in Essentials 1. Then take Essentials 2.

One thing you DON’T need now is to learn strokes!

Our starting course, Essentials 1, teaches new lessons that contain the essential information missing from most swim lessons. If you knew the essentials, you’d be happy in deep water today. Perhaps you’re not a rank beginner… but you still need the essentials.
$1399 in Sarasota, FL for course

The essentials are:

  • knowing how the water and your body work together: do you float, or not? Does it matter? Do you know what floating is?
  • confidence in deep water: how to be still inside: happy
  • knowing how to stay in control and prevent panic: “If something happens, I’ll be okay”

They also include comfort, control, and peace of mind. The essentials do not include strokes. Strokes are for efficiency after you’re safe. Learning to swim is a different process than learning strokes.

“Everything you always wanted to know that no one ever told you!”

We answer questions such as:

◈ How can I be comfortable all the time?

◈ Why am I convinced that I sink?

◈ Do I float? Does it matter?

◈ When will I stop hating to put my face in?

◈ How can I feel okay letting go of the wall?

◈ Why have my swimming lessons not worked from my family, friends, lifeguards and Olympians?

◈ Is there hope for me? 

◈ How do I keep water out of my nose?

◈ How can I be happy in the middle of the deep end? (This is usually completed in the Essentials 2 course.)

◈ Is it possible to enjoy myself in deep water?

◈ Is this too good to be true?

It is literally impossible to fail if you try our system.

The essentials of swimming are not about arms and legs, but rather about how the water works and how to be in control. It’s not freestyle! Stay comfortable. Go at your own pace. We don’t push you and you don’t push yourself. To help you replace fear with confidence, we’ll guide you through all the steps you’ve never heard before…unless you’ve digested our book, video or podcast. Spend time in both shallow and deep water—when you become ready. The ability to rest in shallow water paves the way for movement that’s comfortable and effortless. Confidence builds. You become curious to go to the deep and hold on. Then float with a tether. Feel safe 100% of the time.

The goal of the Essentials 1 and Essentials 2 courses combined is to become 100% peaceful in the deep end.

Can you believe us?

Every adult should know that they can learn to swim freely in deep water without difficulty and without being afraid. It would not be fun for us to guide you to our courses if you didn’t belong here and if they didn’t teach what we state. As you read the Student Comments page—comments which are not cherry-picked—you’ll find the words of our graduates’ surprise. Our system is second to none. All that’s required is your full participation. 

“A must, especially if you are scared or skeptical about swimming or even the class.” -GS, California

“It is a MUST for every person afraid in water. The value of it is INESTIMABLE and exceeds the course fee BY FAR.” HM, Germany

“I don’t want to lose money.”

No one wants to invest funds and vacation time and be disappointed. Miracle Swimming doesn’t want this, either. We are so confident in our system and our courses that we have a money-back guarantee.  Your part is to be present and stay true to yourself. Our part is to meet you at your level and deliver the course. If these things happen, you will be a happy camper when you leave. Please see every student’s comment. Whatever disappointment you’ve had in previous lessons elsewhere, we have the double duty of restoring your faith in your ability to learn to swim and proving that good instruction really does exist for adults learning to swim. You’re in good hands.

Learn with our float bar and tether and the instructor 6 feet away. He floats on Day 3 in the deep end, hands down.

Who is Essentials 1 designed for?

Our Essentials 1 Course is for anyone who considers themselves to be deeply afraid. You’ll learn beautifully with us!

You might only feel safe letting your hands go if you could place them on the bottom of the pool, take a breath, and lower yourself down as far as the water allows. Once you feel the water holding you up (you will have already become comfortable with your face in water) your hands will simply rise an inch off the bottom because you’ll feel your buoyancy. You will find yourself floating.

If you’d say you need extra help to overcome your fear, our Essentials SloMo course is for you. We guarantee success with our system. If you want to check it out, you can find it in our books, video, podcast, YouTube channel, Online Live Essentials 1 Course (recorded), and website. You can also teach yourself to float and swim by having fun with our DIY Kit (book, Aquatic Learning Station, podcast, video). 


Online Live Essentials 1 Course, Recorded. Seven Students.

Our 19-hour recorded Online Essentials 1 Course is a remarkable, powerful course without the water. Do it at your leisure from anywhere. Learn the information missing from traditional swimming lessons. Experience the course with seven others who felt just as you do now. Answer your questions. See the path to success. Learn early water skills through visualization in a pool as shallow as the one at left. It has changed the mind of every person who’s taken it. $199

At left, a student is learning that the water holds her up in a pool where she feels completely safe. You, too, can learn this by visualization. Check it out here: 

Online Essentials 1 Course

Husband and wife learned to swim together

Should I take Essentials SloMo?

To determine which level is best for you, answer this question: Where would you be calmest: learning to float in 12-15 inches of water where you can put your hands on the bottom and not take them off, or holding onto the pool wall with the bottom 3-4 feet below? (You won’t drift away from the wall.)

You can also determine which course is the best fit for you by watching the Online Live Recorded Introductory course: $FREE. Or, call us.

You will have learned enough from the online Intro to become convinced that you can learn to swim and to know which pool you’d be happiest in.

It makes a huge difference to be in the right course. We’ve made the Essentials SloMo course less expensive to encourage people to choose it if it’s a fit.

◈Would you say, “You can’t go too slowly for me”?

◈ Would it be a relief to learn to float by placing your hands on the bottom of a shallow pool?

Would you rather wade in ankle or knee-deep water than chest-deep water?

Would you love to not deal with deep water in your next swimming course?

If the answer to these is yes, take Essentials SloMo. You will make progress—guaranteed— in the right course. There is no shame in being in “SloMo.” It’s a relief! When you step forward to overcome fear, it’s a courageous move. $1099


Students begin to learn the front float. (Pre-Covid-19)


Our Essentials and Essentials SloMo Courses are the best place to start for adults learning to swim. You don’t need to learn to move. You need to learn to be still: fully present in water.

Benefits you can count on:

◈ Having a choice and feeling safe all the time

Learning with others who feel as you do

Having fun, no pressure, no competition

Surprising yourself with your progress

Overcoming fear without being scared

Understanding “how the water works”

Doing things you never could, because you feel better than you ever did

Receiving satisfying answers to your questions

Being “more yourself” when you leave

Small classes (especially small during Covid-19 restrictions)

Seeing the path to freedom as a swimmer

Individual attention: each student is at a different starting point and learns at his/her own rate, but all need the same information. Therefore, you learn individually, together and at your own pace.


About "Our" Hotels

Our courses in Sarasota FL and Palm Springs CA are taught in hotels or vacation condo complexes to make it ideal for travelers, which most of our students are. We are very sensitive to price. However, our previous location in Sarasota was so inexpensive that we received many negative comments. Our locations now receive good reviews and the pools are excellent for classes. But they cost more. We apologize for this increase. We don’t hold our core courses in Sarasota in February and March due to high season when hotels are pricier and full. In 2022, Sarasota prices for accommodations have risen 43%. We hold courses in Atlanta now, as well. Stay wherever you wish in Atlanta, as the course is not in a hotel.

These two students overcame a huge amount of their fear in water in five days

We proved that an instructor doesn’t have to be within six feet of students for breakthroughs of this magnitude to happen in five days. This is just the beginning!