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To be successful, take the right class.
All courses on the same line can be taken in any order.
The lower the line, the more advanced the level.
Prerequisites are also below.

Level One
Ultra Beginning, Beginning

Level Two
Next Step, Ocean 101, Beginning Snorkeling
Deep Water Play, Next Step Snorkeling, Ocean 202, Jump Off the Boat
Swim with Dolphins, SCUBA

Level Three
Freestyle & Turns, 2 Strokes (Breaststroke and Butterfly), 2 Backstrokes


Ultra Beginning and Beginning; to be eligible for these courses, you must have fear in water

Next Step: to be eligible for the Next Step course, you have completed the Beginning or Ultra Beginning course. You can float and unfloat on front and back; you can roll from front to back and back to front and move from here to there in the pool. You demonstrate that you know The 5 Circles.

Deep Water Play: to be eligible for Deep Water Play, you can rest and bob and swim around the deep end peacefully for at least 5 minutes away from the wall. You don’t rely on the wall at all.

Ocean 101: to be eligible, you have completed the Beginning or Ultra Beginning course.

Jump Off the Boat: to be eligible, you have completed at least Next Step.
Ocean 101 is recommended but not required.

Advanced Courses
Some classes listed in Course Levels are not on our schedule. At this time, we are focussing on our core offerings of Pool and Open Water Competencies. When there are enough requests for an advanced course, we will put it on our schedule. Make your request here. We’re working on a viewable list so you can see how many have requested the course you’re interested in.

Freestyle and Turns March 28-April 3, 2020
Registration page coming January 25, 2020

Snorkeling, Hawaii