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Who Takes Our Next Step?

Graduates of our Beginning course are eligible for the Next Step course once they can float and unfloat, do reversals, and roll over in shallow water peacefully.

If you've taken the Beginning course and you’re not ready for the Next Step, join us for the online Beginning course. You can also read our book, Conquer Your Fear of Water.

What Is the Course?

The goal of this course is to become calm in water over your head. You'll be able to rest and play anywhere in deep water without getting tired for 10 or 15 minutes. If you don’t reach all of this freedom during your class, you may re-take it. The format is the same as the Beginning course: 8 three-hour sessions of one hour on land followed by two hours in the pool.

At the In-person course, each student will learn a portion of his/her deep end confidence at our new Float Bars, as pictured. You are connected securely to the bar so you don't need a spotter. These allow social distancing, yet teach your next step when you become ready. They're fun!

Online or In-person
Where and How?

9-10 hours, 4 meetings over 4 weekends, $199

You can feel the effects of being afraid in deep water by just sitting in your chair and imagining yourself there. Water is not needed. For this reason, much progress can be made in an online course. Make progress at home while you wait to take an in-person course. We will offer half the normal course length as an experiment in what can be accomplished in that time. We'll add weeks if needed. We spend 45-60 minutes in the talking part of class and the next portion in visualization of the Next Step skills. We'll finish each class session when we've reached a stopping point for the day.

In Palm Springs, CA in October and in Sarasota in November, 2020. The In-person Next Step course is available to graduates of our In-person Beginning course. If you are an Online Beginning course graduate, your next step is to take the In-person Beginning course. If you feel you're ready for the In-person Next Step course, send a video of yourself doing all the prerequisites peacefully.

Register for the Next Step Course

Ready to make progress? Reserve your spot with a $150 non-refundable deposit for Sarasota, or $300 for Palm Springs, which includes hotel.