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Who Takes Jump Off the Boat?

Sometimes you need to be comfortable on boats and jumping in. Naturally, we teach the entire progression from scratch. You’re eligible if you’ve taken the Beginning course and can float, unfloat and roll over peacefully. You also will have jumped into deep water in a pool at least 3 times. Ocean 101 and Deep Water Play are good precursors, too.

What Is the Course?

We begin by jumping into deep water in a pool. Step by step we increase your confidence. To date, this is when people have spontaneously begun to tread water when you take this class after Deep Water Play. On Day 2, we spend the day on the boat. Jump into a peaceful cove and rest. Then, out to the Gulf to jump into the blue. Step by step we learn, having fun. Lunch is on us on the boat.

When this course is combined with Deep Water Play, the level of mastery of the 1st Circle is so deep that students have spontaneously been able to tread water by the time we jumped into the ocean.

Where and How?

Sarasota, Florida
9 hours/2 days, $495

This fifth course in our series of Core Courses completes your series to achieve comfort and confidence in open water: Open Water Competency.

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