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Staying Safe in the Time of Covid-19

Covid caused us to redesign our teaching format to keep all students and instructors 100% safe, as we understand safety to mean (CDC guidelines). CDC has said pools and swimming are safe if the guidelines are followed. This means we strictly adhere to social distancing of at least 6 feet between students and instructors as well as providing buffer space in the pool for students to be safe. We expect students will want to adhere to these guidelines.

Whereas typically our instructors and spotters touch students or are right next to them as part of learning, this has been replaced by slowing down students’ risk-taking so that each student now receives all of his/her safety from him/herself. This has always been the main thrust of Miracle Swimming. Now, it will be learned sooner because there’s no alternative! This is a silver lining of Covid-19.

Most images on this site are pre-Covid.

Everyone Starts with Beginning or Ultra Beginning

Five ways to find out if
our Beginning course is for you:

  1. Take our Online Live Introductory or Beginning course, $39 or $399.
  2. Listen to our podcast, The Learn to Swim Show (13 episodes) $13.95. Part of 1st episode is free.
  3. Read our book, Conquer Your Fear of Water, which teaches our whole Beginning and Next Step courses step by step. $22
  4. See our DVD, 18.95
  5. Take our 2.5 hour course in-person through ACE in Sarasota ($50)

Ultra Beginning

Online or In-person

This course is exactly like our Beginning Course except that it goes more slowly and we don’t plan to enter deep water. Spend more time learning to let the water support you in water where you can place your hands on the bottom. Time is spent in standard depths, as well. Learn with your swimming people! 24-hour course

The online course also moves through the pool skills more slowly. Give yourself the time you need.

Prerequisite: you must have fear in water. “I don’t know what to do with the water.”

Ultra Beginning Course:

Beginning: Online or In-person

Start at the beginning with essentials you won’t find elsewhere. Overcoming fear of water is not about the water. WHAT, you say? Find out! 100% of our online students are overcoming their fear in a Zoom class that involves no water at all!

In the Zoom class and in the pool, we cover the shallow water skills you need. “It is not scary,” our students tell us. In person, begin to learn how to be at ease in the deep, too, by beginning to rely on yourself for your safety, not the bottom or the side. 24-hour course.

In this time of Covid19, we’ve altered the way we teach in order to observe social distance guidelines. We anticipate that people will learn more quickly. We follow our system to the T, as always.

The online course takes you to a new understanding of how to become confident in yourself in the water. The progress you make in overcoming fear is a chunk of understanding you must have and which you’d make in the In-person class. If you can’t travel to a course, you’re still able to make significant progress.

Prerequisite: you must be fearful in water over your head.

Beginning Courses:

Beginning Course – Online


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Beginning Course – Online – balance due


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Beginning Course, Palm Springs, CA – Oct 19-23, 2020


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Beginning Course, Sarasota, FL – Nov 2-6, 2020


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Pool Competency

After taking either Beginning or Ultra Beginning, the Next Step and Deep Water Play courses complete your ascent to full confidence and freedom to play in deep water. Our system is reliable and universal. You must engage to learn. Learn at your own pace. Repeat a course if you wish.

Next Step: Online or In-person

The goal of the in-person course is to finish what you began in the Beginning course: mastering shallow water and becoming calm in water over your head. When you’ve mastered this course, you can rest and play in deep water without getting tired for 10 or 15 minutes. You’ll be able to say, “I can swim.” 24-hour course.

The online course takes you to a new understanding of how to accomplish freedom in the deep end. The progress you make is a stepping stone to taking the In-person class so that if you can’t travel to a course, you’re still able to make significant progress.

Prerequisites: Beginning or Ultra Beginning course. You can float and unfloat, roll over, and do reversals in shallow water peacefully.

Next Step Courses:

Next Step Course
Palm Springs, CA
Oct 26–30, 2020


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Next Step Course Sarasota, FL
November, 2020


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Deep Water Play

Become proficient in the deep end! Learn to use the water and your body to pick up the keys you dropped in the deep, find a nose clip, play games, swim along the bottom, do tricks. This solidifies your confidence to say, “I can swim.” 15 hours.
Prerequisites: you can rest and bob and swim around the deep end peacefully for at least 5 minutes away from the wall. Next Step course is recommended.

Deep Water Play Course:

Open Water Competency

After completing the Pool Competency courses, two additional courses are available for achieving complete freedom in water over one’s head in the ocean or lake. You may become free sooner.

Ocean 101

This class takes place at the beach. Learn how to enter the ocean by navigating waves and breakers. Learn how your pool skills transfer to the ocean and how to take care of yourself in beach water conditions, rip currents, critters, and salt water. 12 hours
Prerequisites: you must be a Beginning or Ultra-Beginning class graduate and able to float, unfloat, do reversals, and roll over peacefully.

Ocean 101 Course:

Jump Off The Boat

In this course, we start by jumping into a deep pool. We end up jumping off a boat out in the open waters of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico! 9-10 hours
Prerequisites: you have completed our Next Step course. Ocean 101 is also recommended, but not required.

Jump Off The Boat Courses: