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Back Yard Pool

DIY Learn-to-Swim

Use the float bar and straps to learn to float and stand up.

DIY Learn to Swim in Your Home Pool

The Kit

◈ Float bar or Float Bar plans: Patent pending
◈ Safety straps: Patent pending
Conquer Your Fear of Water book
◈ DVD: See our system being learned by newbies
◈ Podcast (13 episodes)

◈If you’ve ever wished you could tie yourself to something solid and teach yourself by experimenting, but talked yourself out of it because it would “look silly,” you now have a legitimate way to do it. You had the right idea all along!

The Float Bar gives you a place mid-pool in shallow water to experience the water holding you up while you feel 100% safe.
The Safety Strap Kit connects you to the bar or to the railing at your steps or to the ladder in the deep end so you know you won’t float away. Quick-release buckles make straps extremely simple to set up and extremely secure.
The book teaches you every single bit of information you need to learn to swim. Feeling urgent? It addresses that, too. At Miracle Swimming, learn to be comfortable.
The DVD shows you two unrehearsed classes of fearful adults learning the Miracle Swimming way, and their comments throughout the course.
The Podcast explains why your past lessons experience didn’t take you to your goals, gives you an approach that cannot fail, and helps you understand what takes you to your swimming goals. It’s common sense, uncommonly heard.



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What Is the DIY Course?

“Everything you always wanted to know that no one ever told you!”

The book contains every step of our full Beginning and Next Step courses.

It is literally impossible to fail to learn to swim if you use this system. With the adjustable straps, you have your guarantee that you won’t float away.

Float Bar and Safety Strap Kit

This kit gives you peace of mind to experiment, knowing you can stop when you want to.

The book teaches you every single skill you need in order to learn to swim: to be comfortable and safe in deep water. This does not include strokes, which are unnecessary for safety. It does include all the dry-land sessions of our Beginning Course and the shallow water skills you need, including essential skills not taught elsewhere. Begin to learn ease in the deep by relying on the strap for your safety until you can remain present, which comes from just lying there!

The student at the left is learning with Float Bar and Safety Straps Kit.

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All the Learn-to-float gear you need

You belong in that big loop!

◈ Feel safe
◈ Learn comfortably at home for the first time
◈ Have fun going at your own pace, experimenting and discovering.


◈ The Float Bar top bar can be above the surface, below it, or at the surface.
◈ Order the standard Float Bar, 40 inches off the pool floor
◈ Or, we can custom build to fit your body and your pool’s depth.

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Straps and color-coded quick-release buckles

Feel deep water hold you up!

◈ Every step you need, as though the teacher were there with you, is in the book.
◈ Nothing is left out, even the little things.
◈ Discover what swimmers know now that you feel safe to play.

Patent pending