Everyone can learn to swim Comfort comes first You can float vertically Overcoming fear IS learning to swim Having fun is the best way to learn Feel safe all the time Overcome fear without feeling afraid Go at your own pace Learn with your swimming people It’s amazing what 5 days can do Correct information does wonders!


Conquer Your Fear of Water and Learn to Swim

Trust yourself in deep water once you learn The Essentials.

Miracle Swimming School for Adults teaches adults to be comfortable in deep water. That's the most important part of knowing how to swim. You'll learn it because you feel safe. Our system works every single time.

  • Do you wish you could say, “Depth doesn’t matter”? Have you felt embarrassed that you don’t swim but didn’t want to say so?
  • Perhaps you’ve taken lessons, so you don’t call yourself a beginner but you know something’s missing.

    Miracle Swimming teaches the essentials that bring you confidence in deep water. 





What Makes Us Different?

We have replaced traditional adult swimming lessons. Our proven system unlocked the solution to feeling comfortable and confident in deep water – two essentials of learning to swim. It does not involve strokes. Our courses can to take you to your swimming goals. Here’s what our students say:

“A must for adults who are afraid. Miracle Swimming understands how fear works and they can articulate it to you. They make the panic disappear and they let you go at your own pace which allows you to embody basic skills. I went from fear to almost fish!” 

– CO 

“This class is truly for anyone who has tried countless times in lessons, group or private, or had family members try to teach them, and nothing worked. This class will work for the most fearful person who feels “stuck” and that they will never learn.” 

– CB

Finally, a Breakthrough in Your Swimming!

There’s a new way to learn to swim. Don’t you owe it to yourself to try it?

Take Our “Essentials 1” Course

April 25-29, 2022  Sarasota FL

Vacation course 24 hours / 5 days
Covid protections in place.

Learn the first essentials of being in water happily, whether shallow or deep. This is material you won’t find in traditional lessons.

USA Swimming is the national governing body of competitive swimming in the U.S. from summer leagues to our elite teams. In February, 2022, its philanthropic arm, USA Swimming Foundation in combination with US Masters Swimming awarded Miracle Swimming a $5000 grant to teach adults to swim who would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn. We plan to deliver our program in Sarasota, Florida in May and September, 2022.

Thank you, USA Swimming Foundation and US Masters Swimming!