A Breakthrough In Teaching

That Could Change All Teaching

A Breakthrough in Teaching
That Could Change All Teaching

Most adult “non-swimmers” have taken swimming lessons before.
Today, they still can’t swim. What was missing the first time?


Students who are comfortable in deep water know something that afraid students don’t. The information that inevitably makes afraid students successful is not part of traditional lessons. We identified it. We teach it. Someday all swim schools will teach it.

Become self-reliant and comfortable in deep water.

Comfort comes first! Feel safe all the time. Learning to swim is not what the public believes it is—strokes. That’s part of the difference at Miracle Swimming.

The other part is our system. Our system teaches you how to overcome fear. It is the breakthrough in teaching that we believe will change all teaching.

In less time than you imagined—two or three weeks of our lessons for most people, with each student going at his/her own pace— you are able to comfortably rest and move around peacefully in deep water. That’s what knowing how to swim means: presence of mind in any part of the pool.

This is why we’ve been virtually 100% successful for 38 years.

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About Our Founder,
Melon Dash

Founder Melon Dash opened our swim school in 1983 when it was one of two schools in the adult swimming lessons industry. Now, she leads it.

Foremost expert
38 years of unparalleled success

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Our 5 Circles Teaching System

There has to be a way to teach that works for everyone: something so basic that it goes beyond background, personality, beliefs, or level of fear. The 5 Circles. See for yourself.

There’s a spark in you that hasn’t given up on learning to swim.

We hope you’ll come to the grandaddy of adult beginning swimming classes. The school with the satisfaction guarantee. The system that does it all. The teaching we believe will change all teaching.

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Above: The doctor among them came to the Beginning course. Then she enrolled her sister and next, their mother. Then, they came together from 3 states for a swimming date, their first ever.

What Happened in Her Online Course


You are a born swimmer! Find it!