Everyone can learn to swim Comfort comes first You can float vertically Overcoming fear IS learning to swim Having fun is the best way to learn Feel safe all the time Overcome fear without feeling afraid Go at your own pace Learn with your swimming people It’s amazing what 5 days can do Correct information does wonders!

Our Mission

All Adults Can Learn to Swim Safely in Deep Water


64% of American adults are afraid in deep, open water


46% of American adults are afraid in deep water in pools


39% of American adults are afraid to put their heads under water.

-Gallup Poll, 1998

Our Mission:
To Make Swimming Available to All Adults by

1. Teaching adults who are fearful in water how to overcome their fear
2. Teaching the Y and Red Cross and their derivatives that learning to swim is more than learning strokes: it’s learning to be peaceful in deep water
3. Training swimming instructors to teach adult non-swimmers with a system that cannot fail

As part of our Jump Off the Boat Course, this student is practicing swimming back to the “boat” using our tether. Patent pending. 

In 39 years of teaching afraid adults to swim, we've uncovered four facts.

  • A new national program designed specifically for adults is needed. Eighty percent of drownings in the U.S. are by adults. Traditional lessons, designed for children, are not a fit for most adult non-swimmers.
  • “I Can Swim” must include your ability to rely on yourself for safety in water over your head.  You don’t need to know strokes to be safe.  Strokes are an efficient way to swim.  Adults can learn to be safe in deep water much sooner if they are not taught strokes… unless they can swim.
  • Safety in deep water requires two things: being in control in deep water and understanding how the water works. Neither can be found in most traditional lessons.
  • Overcoming fear doesn’t have to be scary.

We believe all lessons should teach this information. We believe ours is the most efficient system anywhere to teach an afraid adult to swim. With this new knowledge, adult and child drowning can virtually disappear worldwide.

What Is the Miracle Swimming Movement?

It’s a 39-year old unrelenting crusade to fulfill the wildest dreams of fearful adult learn-to-swim students, backed by the indomitable spirit of a few 100%-committed thought leaders and expert instructors who support the four facts above and believe that:

  • Learning to swim must be fun, safe, gentle, reliable, easy and designed for the student.
  • It is inevitable that you will learn to swim if you use the Miracle Swimming System.
  • An instructor who cannot consistently teach terrified adults to overcome their fear of deep water is unqualified to teach adults.
  • A test of the ability to swim is The New Swim Test.

The New Swim Test

The new test of whether someone can swim or not is to:

  • Sit or stand on the bottom of a pool, preferably in deep water (at least 8 feet) for 10 seconds peacefully;
  • Rise to the surface and float or play independently for 10 minutes peacefully, at least 10 feet from any support.

That’s all!

If they can do that, they’ve proven that they understand that water holds them up (or they can peacefully support themselves) and they are in control. If someone is unable to sit or stand on the bottom, that person will have demonstrated an understanding of their positive buoyancy… or that they are not yet peaceful.

The primary goal of learning to swim is to be safe in water over one’s head.

Every person needs to know whether or not they float, how to rest in deep water —and how to either continue onward or wait for help.

If everyone could pass the new swim test, the drowning rate would plummet. We need a new definition of, “I can swim.”

Many people passed their first (traditional) swimming test for propulsion and stroke technique years ago and therefore believe they can swim, even though they aren’t comfortable in deep water. What could be more unsafe?

How Will We Accomplish Our Mission?

  • Raise awareness through national conferences and change.org.
  • Secure investors
  • Train a nationwide team of instructors
  • Keep the public informed through press releases, articles, speaking engagements
  • Recruit the best
  • Roll out a national lesson program for adults
  • Market books and kits allowing adults to start in their own pool
  • Free demonstrations

The experience for students and instructor trainees at Miracle Swimming is like waiting for the bus and finding it arriving from the other direction.

Love, respect and common sense plus a new understanding of learning and swimming make people feel differently in our classes. We meet them exactly where they are. Our system is built on this.

Material people want to hear, are yearning to hear but never expected to hear in a swimming class is part of the system. There is time and space to digest and absorb it. They call the results a miracle.

People say, “You’re sneaky!” The solution is the opposite of what the world has told them. They knew their previous teaching didn’t compute, but what was correct? It’s so soft, so organic, so sensible and so gradual, that change sneaks up on students and suddenly they’re doing things they thought they couldn’t do.