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According to a 1998 Gallup Poll
of adults in United States

are afraid to put their
heads under water

91 million people

are afraid to put their
heads under water

91 million people

are afraid to put their
heads under water

91 million people

How do we change those numbers?

After 35 years of teaching adults to swim, we’ve uncovered two facts:

  • That a program designed specifically for adults is imperative. Traditional lessons, which were designed for children, are not the best fit for most adult non-swimmers.
  • That learning to swim is learning to be reliable for your safety in water over your head. Learning to swim efficiently is learning to do strokes.
  • With this new knowledge, drowning can virtually disappear.

At Miracle Swimming for Adults we established what we believe is the most efficient system in the world to teach an afraid adult to swim

Miracle Swimming Sarasota

In Sarasota, our headquarters, we have a warm pool dedicated to teaching adults to swim. Statistics say that 131,100 adults here are afraid in deep water in pools. We have bountiful open water in our region where everyone needs to be safe. Let’s add that 131,000 adults and the 51,000 more who are afraid in open water and teach them to be safe in our open water, the Gulf of Mexico.

We could teach lessons for a lifetime in the U.S. and not reach all adults who aren’t safe in our waters.

The experience for both students and instructor trainees when they come to learn Miracle Swimming can be likened to one of being at the bus stop watching for the next bus to see if it’s theirs, and being surprised to find out that their bus is coming from the other direction. Our students and instructors have no idea that the solution is completely different from what they expected. They are gobsmacked.

The teaching technique can be boiled down to love and respect. The love and respect are so simple and clear that people feel differently than they do in any other swimming class. They are fully seen and heard. We meet them exactly where they are. Our system can handle this. In fact, our system is built on this very thing.

The teaching is intimate. When Melon gets going in class sometimes (teaching), there is absolute stillness in the room. You could hear an atom drop. It’s material people want to hear, are yearning to hear but never expected to hear in a swimming class, and are grateful to hear. They recognize it as truth. They engage with it. They have time and space to digest and absorb it. They are assisted in doing so. This is not found in traditional lessons.

People are changed at a deep level. Often, they aren’t sure what happened. People say: “You’re sneaky!” It’s so soft, so organic, so sensible and so gradual, that energy-shifts within them take place that quickly show up in their approach to how they “are” in the pool and this shows up in how they do things in the pool which shows up in what they achieve in the pool.

The solution is the opposite of what the world has been teaching them. They knew that the world was not teaching the correct information but they had no idea what the correct information was. This is the one place they have been able to find it… for learning and for learning to swim.

What is the Miracle Swimming Movement?

It’s a 37-year old unrelenting crusade to fulfill the wildest dreams of fearful adult learn-to-swim students, backed by the indomitable spirit of a few 100%-committed thought leaders and expert instructors who hold that:

  • learning to swim must be fun, safe, gentle, reliable, easy and designed for adults: you
  • learning to swim means learning to be peaceful and competent in water over one’s head
  • learning to swim efficiently–learning strokes– comes after learning to swim
  • overcoming fear does not have to be scary
  • it is inevitable that you will learn to swim if you use the 5 Circles System (Miracle Swimming)

About Melon’s 5 Circle Learning System

  • Miracle Swimming lessons by the teaching of the “5 Circles.” The 5 Circles is the learning system developed in 1983 by founder Melon Dash that guarantees learning.
  • The 5 Circles can be used to overcome any fear and to learn virtually anything in a gentle, comfortable way.


Nation-Wide Schedule
  • Core Courses
  • Beginning
  • Ultra Beginning
  • Pool Competency
  • Next Step
  • Deep Water Play
  • Ocean 101
  • Jump Off The Boat
  • Advanced Courses

About Our Founder,
Melon Dash

Founder Melon Dash opened her swim school at a time when there was one other independent player in the adult swimming lessons industry (1983).

  • World renown, leading expert
  • 37 years of proven success

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What Makes Us Different

From the first few minutes of my Miracle
Swimming class, it was different.

  • The steps of their method are so minutely incremental, it didn’t feel like they were teaching.
  • It felt like talking to a good friend in a safe and warm pool, and before you know it, you’re making progress.
  • Once you feel safe in water, you naturally want to explore more of the water.

Our History

  • Miracle Swimming has operated under several monikers—most recently as a nonprofit organization, Miracle Swimming for Adults, which closed and became Miracle Swimming School for Adults. Our goal is that all adults are happy and competent in deep water.
  • In the early 80s, two thinkers on the west coast of the U.S. in the unborn industry of adult swimming lessons realized that adults in lessons were struggling with little success.

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