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“How to Be 100% Successful Teaching Afraid Adults”

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4. Your Swim School (or organization) Name and Address:

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7. For which training are you registering?

8. What are the dates of the training?

9. Where is the training located?

10. What do you hope to gain from the training?

11. Your experience teaching swimming (or other topics) (# years for both):

12. Your experience teaching swimming to adults (# years):

13. Current certifications (WSI, CPR, etc.):

14. What is your goal for (teaching) adult students who are afraid in water?

15. What would you like to add to your knowledge about teaching afraid adults?

16. Is there anything missing, in your opinion, from the training you received to teach people who are afraid?

17. What's the main thing you've learned about working with afraid adults to date?

18. What percentage of your clientele is adults?

19. What percentage of your clientele is afraid students?

20. What percentage of your clientele would you LIKE TO BE adults?

21. What percentage of your clientele would you LIKE TO BE afraid (before you teach them)?

22. What is the depth range of the pool you teach adults in?

23. What is the temperature of the pool you teach adults in?

24. How did you hear about this training? Please be specific.

25. Are there any skills you would be uncomfortable demonstrating to students?

26. Can you stand comfortably unassisted on the bottom of the deep end of a pool (7 feet deep or more) for 10 seconds?
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20 Seconds?
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30 Seconds?
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(Being unable to do so does not reduce your chances of being accepted.)
If not, please say why:

27. In what position to you float on your back?
 Horizontal Vertical Diagonal I don't float: I am flat on the bottom of the pool.

28. Once you're licensed, you or your school will determine the price of the Miracle Swimming classes that you teach. Are you comfortable with this?
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29. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being “completely ‘one’ with the water,” how would you rate yourself?

30. On a scale from 1-10, 1 being “I've been swimming for 1 year,” and 10 being “I was an Olympic swimmer,” How would you rate yourself in terms of swimming skill and experience?

31. I've been a competitive swimmer.
 Yes No
If "Yes" for how many years?

32. I am currently a competitive swimmer
 Masters USS I am not a competitive swimmer
(If you have not been a competitive swimmer, it does not affect your eligibility to become a MIRACLE SWIMMING Instructor. )

33. I work out by swimming on a regular basis.
 Yes No
If yes, how often/week?

34. Do you have any health concerns that 21st Century Swimming Lessons, Inc. might need to know about that could affect your teaching?

35. Would you be willing to travel to another state to teach classes?
 Yes No

1. I will only teach Miracle Swimming under the auspices of 21st Century Swimming Lessons, Inc.
 Yes No

2. I will protect the copyrights and proprietary information of MIRACLE SWIMMING.
 Yes No

3. I agree to not introduce new methods to my MIRACLE SWIMMING class without the express approval of 21st Century Swimming Lessons, Inc.
 Yes No

4. I will be available for “continuing education” in MIRACLE SWIMMING’s system.
 Yes No

5. I agree to represent MIRACLE SWIMMING in the best possible light.
 Yes No

6. I agree to ask questions when I don’t understand something or need additional information.
 Yes No

7. I will conduct myself with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.
 Yes No

8. I agree to put students’ learning needs first in my classes.
 Yes No

9. I agree to keep my supervisor apprised (if applicable) of individuals’ progress in class.
 Yes No

The Training continues with monthly teleconferences or Skype conferences for 4 months after the your 6- or 11-day training. Requirements for being licensed are:
• Commitment to the Miracle Swimming course content
• Timely payment of all fees
• Sending your class feedback forms to 21st Century Swimming Lessons, Inc. (the non-profit swim school that took the place of Miracle Swimming Institute and which delivers the training) after each class, and by the 7th of the month for discussion with you
• Positive class feedback
• Successful completion of online and hands-on training
• Agreeing to, and signing the Licensing Agreement
• Ongoing participation in teleconferences and interaction with “21st” to refresh and update your training
• Yearly teaching of Miracle Swimming classes


The method and materials in this training constitute a paradigm shift in teaching. They may be conveyed only to other instructors within your employ at your swim school. However, these instructors will not be Miracle Swimming licensed instructors. It is understood that the instructor training course materials are proprietary. They may not be duplicated in any form. Concepts from the training may be taught to your staff for the purposes of restricted use by instructors at your swim school: your staff may not be considered to be qualified to teach Miracle Swimming. All names of such instructors shall be sent by you to 21st Century Swimming Lessons, Inc. in order for “21st” to maintain a list of who has this proprietary information.
Do you agree to this, and to maintain the proprietary nature of the Miracle Swimming teaching?

 Yes No


The teaching is currently understood to be intact and complete. It shall not be changed in any way except by proper protocol with “21st.” If a change you submit is deemed helpful by “21st” and the body of licensed instructors, the subsequent inclusion of any changes shall be made by all licensed instructors to ensure that the same information is taught in all locations (worldwide) for the sake of consistency and quality control.
Do you agree to this?

 Yes No

 Yes No

I am responsible for all my experiences.
 Yes No I don't know


We guarantee that our training program will significantly increase the effectiveness of your instruction for adults who are afraid in water. If you follow our system, teach a Miracle Swimming class, and do not attain satisfactory results, you may request and receive a full refund of your training fee. Request must be made within 4 weeks of the end of the 6- or 11-day training course.


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